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Dr. Siamak Sadeghlou

Principal Dentist

Dr. Siamak Sadeghlou
Principal Dentist

Dr. Sadeghlou decided on a career in dentistry at a very early age, and his passion resulted in completing each and every requirement to become a skilful, state-of-the-art dentist in Iran and Canada.


He passed the NDEB Equivalency process in Canada and got his NDEB (Dental) certificate. Since then, he has continued to improve his art, knowledge and skills by taking part in many different courses.


Dr. Sadeghlou also graduated from Tehran Azad University and became a Doctor of Dental Surgeon (DDS) in 1995.


He takes pride in establishing a patient-centred approach, which requires long and detailed consultation sessions to ensure all his patients’ medical/ dental needs are properly met. Dr. Sadeghlou’s dedication to perfection has brought the smile back on the faces of hundreds of his happy patients, many of whom insist on being treated by him no matter where (or even in which country) he is practising.


Dr. Sadeghlou worked as an associate dentist in many dental offices in Canada before he opened his own practice at the heart of downtown Toronto. He says, “Now, at Aquadent Dental Care, my own practice, I am not limited to helping my patients the best possible way they deserve.”


His knowledge, skill and experience made him excel in not only ensuring his patients’ oral health but also in their perfect smiles with his mastery over and the help of state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry (veneers, Invisalign® aligners), crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.


Dr. Sadeghlou is a member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in Ontario (RCDSO), Ontario Dental Association (ODA), Canadian Dental Association (CDA), and Iran Medical Council (IRIMC).


Dr. Sadeghlou is the proud father of a boy and a girl, and outside the office concentrates on being a perfect family man for his children and lovely wife. He plays traditional Persian musical instruments, and enjoys skiing and playing squash when his busy schedule allows.

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